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[MASK] ASTM Level 3 Mask 4-Ply – Integrum Medical Masks

Now With A New Updated 2022 Box Design! Integrum Medical Masks are 4-ply Level 3 masks that provide the highest protection level in accordance with ASTM testing standards. Designed for a close fit that protects against fluid transmission, these 4-Layer medical masks offer premium protection suitable for medical & dental settings. Available for purchase by the box or by the case for extra savings.
  • One Box = 50 Masks
  • One Case = 50 boxes = 2,500 Masks

[Mask] Black Masks 3-Ply – Integrum Masks

Integrum's All-black 3-Ply Masks are breathable and stylish. Each box contains 50 masks. Also available for purchase by the case for additional savings.

[Mask] Bold Black Masks 4-Ply – Integrum Masks

Black goes with everything! With 4 high-quality layers, Integrum's black masks provide protection with style. The ear loops and moldable bridge ensure a great fit without sacrificing wearability and comfort. Each box contains 50 masks. Also available for purchase by the case for additional savings.

[GLOVES] EZCare Nitrile Gloves Exam Grade (Case of 10 Boxes) (100 ct Boxes)

EzCare Nitrile Gloves Exam Grade. Case of 10 boxes. Each box contains 100 gloves.

[GLOVES] Vglove Nitrile Gloves (Case of 10 Boxes) (100 ct Boxes)

Vglove Nitrile Gloves. Case of 10 boxes. Each box contains 100 gloves.

[GLOVES] Integrum Latex Exam Gloves – 100 Protective Gloves

Integrum Latex Exam Gloves are dependable, powder-free gloves that are suitable for a variety of uses in the medical, dental, food services, hospitality, & household arenas. Each box contains 100 ambidextrous gloves (50 pairs by weight).

[AIR PURIFIER] UV Air Purifier | HEPA | Ionizer| BA-02 – Integrum

Breathe easy! Integrum's premier UV Air Purifier has arrived to elevate your indoor air quality!

[PAX] PAX2000X Extraoral Dental Suction System

Featuring a USA-made motor, 1600w of power, and a medical-grade H14 HEPA filter, the PAX2000X is built for protection and peace of mind for patients, staff, and doctor alike.

[PAX] Filter Replacements for PAX Systems

PAX System Filter Replacements - Please select the correct model (PAX1000/PAX2000/PAX2000X) as the filters are different for each model. PAX1000: H13 Filter PAX2000: Set of 2 H13 Filters PAX2000X:  Fine Filter  + H14 Filter + optional noise filters

[PAX] Arm for PAX Systems

Please select the arm that matches your unit, as they are specific to your model. Note: the PAX2000 ""round"" and ""scoop"" hood are not interchangeable. Please select the one that matches the one that came with your unit.

[AIR PURIFIER] Air Purifier HEPA Filter – BA-02

Air Purifier HEPA Filter - The replacement HEPA filter for the Integrum BA-02 Air Purifier.

[PAX] Carbon Brush Replacement (set of 2)- PAX2000

Set of replacement carbon brushes for the PAX 2000 Extraoral Suction System.
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