[ULU] The ULU Brush Starter Kit

The ULU Brush Starter Kit. Enjoy simultaneous full-mouth brushing, ultra teeth whitening, and gum/cheek massaging to promote better oral health.


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ULU Brush Starter Kit

Product Features

ULU Brush Technology Will Leave You With Your Best Smile Yet!

The ULU Brush comes with Blue and Red Light technology to keep your smile healthy and white. The Blue Light Technology enhances the teeth whitening process, leaving you with a listening smile. Red Light Technology is to heal soft tissue and reduce inflammation within the mouth. In addition to this, the ULU Brush Starter Kit also comes with a charger base to ensure that your Nano Toothbrush is always charged and ready to go.

DId You Know:

Did you know that hard bristles can damage your teeth and gums?
Hard Bristles can actually erode your gums away and enamel away, especially if you apply a lot of pressure.

Comes with Nano-Bio Toothpaste

Bio-activated micro-cleansing foaming action lifts surface stains. Nano-grade whiteners work hard to reach spots and gently polish away surface stains. Contains ingredients that help fight tartar, remove plaque, and prevent gingivitis.

4 Modes with the ULU Brush Starter Kit

  • High and Sensitive Cleaning
  • Orthodontic Accelerator
  • Whitening
Brushing Mode One
30 seconds of high cleaning followed by a red light massage.

Brushing Mode Two
30 seconds of sensitive cleaning followed by a red light massage.

Whitening Mode
5 minutes of teeth whitening, 30 seconds of vibrations, followed by blue light whitening.

What's In 'The ULU Brush Starter Kit'

- The ULU Brush
- Charger Base
- USB Charger Cord
- 1x Brushing Mouthpiece
- 1x Whitening Mouthpiece
- 1x 0.88oz (25g) Nano Toothpaste

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Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 6 × 8 in

White Pearl, Rose-Gold, Celebration Pink, Mystic Blue, Gray, Black


Adult Regular, Adult Small, Kids