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[GLOVES] Superieur Nitrile Gloves - Powder Free - Examination Grade

Superior Nitrile Gloves are an essential component of safety protocols, suitable for medical and general use


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Superieur Nitrile Gloves - Medical Examination Grade

Product Features

Superieur Nitrile Gloves Are Essential For Proper Safety Protocols

Superieur nitrile gloves effectively provide a barrier against germs and dirt for many purposes. Significantly, the uses include medical procedures, healthcare, lab work, personal care, among others. In addition, nitrile gloves are an outstanding general use glove as they are durable.

Main Benefits Of Nitrile Material

Firstly, nitrile has good general resistance to oils, fuels, certain solvents, some acids and some bases. Secondly, nitrile is more chemical resistant than latex. Thirdly, nitrile material provides clear indication of any tears and breaks, allowing the wearer to visually notice a breach.

Superieur Nitrile Gloves Are Comfortable.

Particularly, nitrile softens rapidly on the skin to provide a very comfortable experience. Therefore, nitrile gloves are comfortable even when wearing them over an extended period. Notably, they allow for great sensitivity which allows for unimpeded performance. Importantly, they are able to release heat from the hand faster than latex, nitrile gloves reduce sweating and skin irritation.

Why Powder-Free?

It should be noted, the FDA banned powdered health-care gloves.  Markedly, due to evidence that powdered gloves cause health risks. Evidently, these include inflammation, allergic reactions, and post surgical complications. Whereas, powder-free gloves do not leave residue and avoid these issues.

Boxes of Superieur Nitrile Gloves

Designed To Fit Both Left And Right Hand.

The Superieur Nitrile Gloves are equally important, each glove is able to fit either hand. Therefore, this allows you to put them on with no fuss, so you can get to your task quicker!

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SMALL80 – 90 mm3.1 – 3.5”
MEDIUM91 – 100 mm3.6 – 3.9”
LARGE101 – 110 mm4.0 – 4.3”
X-LARGE111 – 120 mm4.4 – 4.7”

* Due to the current high demand for nitrile gloves, please note that sizing measurements may vary based on shifting stock.

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