[GOWN] Level 3 Sterile Surgical Gown

The Level 3 Sterile Surgical Gown is a single-use disposable protective gown.


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Level 3 Sterile Surgical Gown

Level 3 Sterile Surgical Gown

Product Features

Main Benefits of the Level 3 Sterile Surgical Gown

The Level 3 Sterile Surgical Gown is designed to provide a barrier to larger amounts of fluid penetration through splatter and some fluid exposure through soaking than Level 2 surgical gowns. To ensure the gown is suitable for use, it must go through 2 tests to determine the barrier protection performance. The first test being pressurizing the material, and the second is by water impacting the surface of the gown material.

AAMI is the standard in surgical gown manufacturing. It is based on objective tests that measure barrier effectiveness against penetration from blood, bodily fluids and other potentially infectious materials. Each gown should have a label attached identifying its AAMI level. Labels on packaging, while an important part of inventory management, are seldom seen by end users. The FDA discourages the use of words such as “impervious” or “impermeable” because these terms are vague, easily misinterpreted and potentially misleading.

AAMI Levels Explained:
Our surgical gowns meet the latest AAMI guidelines for industry-leading safety standards. Which level do you need?

Level 2

  • Fluid risk level: low
  • Best used for: eye procedure, tonsillectomy, laparoscopy, thoracotomy.

Level 3
  • Fluid risk level: moderate
  • Best used for: upper extremity, EENT, hand, chest, cystoscopy, mastectomy

  • Level 4
    • Fluid risk level: high
    • Best used for: c-section, total hip/knee, knee arthroscopy

      The gowns above are recommendations only. The longer a procedure, the more protection that may be needed.

    Suggested Uses

    These Gowns should be worn in situations where there is a moderate level of risk. Other activities include arterial blood draw, inserting an IV, Emergency Room situations, and trauma scenarios.

    • Mastectomies
    • Arthroscopic orthopedic procedures
    • Endoscopic urological procedures (such as transurethral prostate resections [TURP])

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    Additional information

    Weight 4 oz
    Dimensions 15 × 11 × 0.25 in