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[LASER] Deka SmartXide Ultraspeed | Dental CO2 Laser

The SmartXide Ultraspeed laser brings optimal clinical conditions and prognoses for post-operative recovery with minimal downtime.
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[LASER] Deka Laser Smart US-20D | Dental CO2 Laser

The Smart US-20D is one of DEKA's most advanced dental CO2 laser solutions for practitioners.
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[SCANNER] Shining 3D Intraoral Scanner Aoralscan

The Aoralscan is the newest Shining 3D Intraoral Scanner. This CAD/CAM system simplifies the intraoral scanning experience.
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[X-RAY] REMEDI REMEX-T100 | Portable Dental X-Ray Camera

The REMEDI REMEX-T100 is the lightest, the smallest, and the highest performance of 70kV portable dental x-ray camera.
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[MOTOR] SAESHIN TRAUS SIP10 Surgical Motor Dental

The SAESHIN TRAUS SIP10 Surgical Motor Dental provides optimized performance in maxillofacial surgery with a "state of art" technology in the motor and handpiece: BLDC motor (0-40,000rpm) and contra-angle handpiece.
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[PRINTER] SprintRay Pro 3D Printer | Dental 3D Printer

The SprintRay Pro 3D Printer features a 216 square centimeter platform and print speeds up to 5 centimeters per hour for an incredible boost in productivity. Note: Coupon Codes Do Not Apply to This Product.
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[CENTRIFUGE] Smart Dental PRF Centrifuge

Smart Dental PRF Centrifuge has 9 programs memory function.
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