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21 Times Celebrities Proved Black Masks Are The Best Masks!

dua lipa, bella hadid, shawn mendes wearing black masks

Black is Better!

You can't beat a black mask when it comes to style.

black mask on mannequin head

When it comes to sleek style that goes with absolutely everything, there’s no beating black masks. Don’t believe us? Here are 21 times celebrities, from Ariana Grande to Rihanna, proved that black masks are definitely the superior hue when it comes to masks!

1.> Ariana Grande

Newlywed Ariana Grande wore a black mask on stage when she performed with Lady Gaga at the MTV VMAs. Pairing the black mask with a purple halter and high waisted skirt and sky-high platforms, Ariana performed her part on Gaga’s hit single “Rain On Me” with no signs of the mask getting in the way of  her hitting those high notes.

2.> Shawn Mendes

Ah, the classic celebrity leaving the gym paparazzi shot! Some things never change. Pop singer Shawn Mendes (“I Wonder”) matched his black mask to his black tank top, jeans, and black butterfly tattoo on his left bicep. Don’t ask us why he’s carrying slippers. We don’t have ALL the answers.

3.> Kylie Jenner

Billionaire (yeah, we can’t believe it either) Kylie Jenner stepped out with a black mask to compliment her surprisingly sleek ensemble and gold earrings. This more simple look is a change of pace for Jenner but still compliments the young makeup mogul’s famous curves, although we wouldn’t be shocked if the outfit costs more than most luxury cars.

4.> Jungkook (BTS)

Jungkook of South Korean supergroup BTS has been the #1 top searched male K-pop on Google. Recently in 2021, Jungkook set a V-Live record when his solo live broadcast garnered 22 million simultaneous viewers. Here he is pictured wearing a midnight black mask to complement his black jacket, ultra-white shirt, and dark mid-parted hair.

5.> Adele

British songstress Adele debuted a new slimmer figure on SNL while wearing a black mask to match her trademark charcoal cat-eye winged eyeliner and Veronica-Lake-styled hair. Adele cited that her change in physique was a part of her journey to become healthier.

6.> Bella Hadid

Supermodel Bella Hadid stepped out holding a black mask to her face (!) while wearing black pants and a risque sheer top. We are here for her bold choice of street fashion, but we still prefer wearing masks the old-fashioned hands-free way using the earloops.

7.> Beyonce

The Queen B herself, Beyonce Knowles Carter, wore a black mask to the Grammys to match her black leather mini-dress, black sunnies, and black-and-gold dangly statement earrings. This look kept the Beyhive buzzing as she netted an additional 4 more Grammy awards to become the female artist with the most Grammy Awards in history with 28 total.

8.> Billie Eilish

Pop superstar Billie Eilish matched her black and green hair with her black mesh mask. The young singer has racked up accolades in recent years, winning everything from VMAs to top honors at the Grammys, as well as the hearts of millions of fans of all ages.

9.> Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa proved herself as a pop star with her debut album Dua Lipa. With her sophomore album Future Nostalgia, she has proven to be a pop megastar, with the album spawning hit after hit for the British singer as well as rave reviews by critics and fans alike.

10.> Hailey Baldwin-Beiber

Model Hailey Baldwin-Beiber cut a mysterious figure with a dark trench coat, big chunky sunglasses, and a black mask. Is it ironic that she went for a low-key look but stood out even more among the plant life around her?

11.> Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod are over as a couple, but they did make a good-looking pair for a while there. Here they are a little mismatched, with JLO sporting a more casually cool fit with her black mask, while Alex is wearing a more classic suit to match his mask.

12.> Justin Beiber and Hailey Beiber

Married couple Justin and Hailey Beiber stepped out hand in hand with matching disposable black masks. Justin paired his black mask with a T-shirt and shorts from his own clothing label named Drew, while Hailey went for a grey long sleeve top and bright electric orange biker shorts.

13.> Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner of the Kardashian/Jenner clan wore a black mask with a lime green midriff-baring top and a matching lime green purse with a dragonfly charm. Now one of the industry’s highest-paid models, it’s not surprising Kendall easily pulls off this early 2000s reminiscent look.

14.> Madison Beer

Singer Madison Beer may not have the name recognition of many of the other celebrities on this list when it comes to the general public, but she has made a big name for herself when it comes to Gen Z. So when Madison stepped out with a black mask, white top, high-waisted jeans, and a colorful sweater around her waist, we are sure many young people took notes.

15.> Suga (BTS)

Min Yoon-gi debuted as a member of South Korean pop idol group BTS in 2013. Since then he has helped the group break records as a global phenomenon. Better known as Suga, he paired a black bucket hat with his black disposable mask, black earbuds, and pale blond hair for a look that was sure to make his fans swoon.

16.> Harry Styles & Olivia Wilde

Harry Styles, previously of One Direction, and actress Olivia Wilde made a splash when news hit that they were a couple. Here, while attending a wedding, they wore black masks to complement their more eclectic fashion senses. Olivia wore a playful flower-patterned dress and a pink headscarf, while harry wore a black suit with his trademark twist on men’s fashion.

17.> Chrissy Teigan

Model, TV personality, & best-selling cookbook author Chrissy Teigan wore a black mask with a colorful caftan while out doing errands. Teigan has recently come under fire for past aggressions online against other public figures such as Courtney Stodden and designer Michael Costello.

18.> Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez stepped out in a chic black shirt-dress and coat while double-masking. It makes sense that Selena, who has openly discussed her health issues as someone living with Lupis, would take extra precautions to ensure her risks are minimized. Of course, she chose the black mask to be the one showing to complete her all-black ensemble.

19.> Timothee Chalamet

Actor Timothee Chalamet (“Call Me By Your Name”) gets only 50% credit for only partially covering his face with his black mask, but full credit for his carbon-colored crested jacket and velour track joggers. The young American actor has quickly made a large name for himself, although we’re still uncertain how we should pronounce his french name.

20.> Jimin (BTS)

Park Ji-min or better known simply as Jimin, rose to fame in 2013 as a member of K-Pop mega-group BTS. Since then, he has helped propel the group to world domination, garnering huge record sales and loyal fans known as the BTS Army. In 2020, the group hit #1 in the USA with hit “Dynamite”.

21.> Rihanna

Singer turned mogul Rihanna has focused more on her makeup and clothing lines in recent years, so her fans may be waiting on new music for a long time, but they never need to wait for her to turn out a major look. Known for taking fashion risks, Rihanna made a masked appearance in a sheer top and robe-like jacket, blurring the line between streetwear and lingerie.

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